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CompuCom Brings Artificial Intelligence To Midmarket Data Centers With Breakthrough Cloud …

Sam Gross
Sam Gross

CompuCom is set to deliver what it is calling the first-ever artificial intelligence (AI)-based managed service aimed at preventing midmarket data center downtime.

The new offering – which runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS) – uses machine learning and cognitive computing to uncover IT problems and quickly remediate them to reduce and even eliminate data center downtime.

The payoff for midmarket customers is dramatic, with as much as 70 percent of “level one” data center service calls eliminated, along with as much as a 30-times improvement in mean data center problem resolution times.

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“This is a game-changer,” said CompuCom Senior Vice President and CTO Sam Gross, who spearheaded the development of the service. “What we have is technology that reacts cognitively the way a data center administrator does.”

Gross said the new converged infrastructure managed service delivers major improvements in incident response times.

“It usually takes at least 15 minutes to resolve even the simplest data center failure. With our complete robotic process automation platform that time is reduced to as little as 30 seconds,” Gross said. “Outages that used to impact midmarket productivity go to nothing more than a blip on the radar screen.”

The service delivers a whopping 30 percent to 40 percent savings in midmarket infrastructure management costs, Gross said.

“Not only is there a cost savings but the overall improvement of the service experience is significant,” he said. “We are bringing services to the midmarket that have previously not been available. That’s what is really exciting here.”

The new managed service offering is being piloted by select CompuCom customers with a plan to roll it out widely to midmarket customers in the fourth quarter. It is the culmination of 15 months of research and development aimed at providing the $1.9 billion Dallas-based systems integrator with the leading midmarket data center managed services platform.

The service works with all of the major vendors’ server, storage, networking and virtualization offerings including Cisco, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Dell, EMC, VMware and Microsoft.